1. Langkawi Cable Car

    Cablecar rides with sweeping views
    Gondola-style cablecars, some with glass bottoms, with rides to the peak of Manchincang Mountain.
  2. Payar Island

    Snorkeling, scuba diving, and coral reef
    Payar Island is an island in Kedah, Malaysia. Payar Island status as a marine park offers protection for its diverse marine life. Payar Island is also a snorkelling and diving site famous for
  3. Art in Paradise Langkawi

    Museum featuring 3D murals & paintings
    Interactive 3D museum featuring many elaborate paintings & murals offering optical illusions.
  4. Tanjung Sanctuary

    Tanjung Sanctuary Langkawi is a resort located in Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia. The resort is located at Pantain Kok, which is on the west coast of Langkawi, and it covers 62-acre of forest next
  5. Langkawi Sky Bridge

    Curved pedestrian bridge for scenic view
    Curved suspension bridge offering scenic walks between mountaintops high above the trees.
  6. Underwater World Langkawi

    Aquarium with 3D theater & glass tunnel
    Huge, popular aquarium with 200+ marine & freshwater species, a 3D theater & an underwater tunnel.
  7. Pantai Cenang

    Beach, chalet, parasailing, and seafood
  8. Temurun Waterfall

    Forest with a cascading 3-tier waterfall
    Forest park featuring a 3-tier waterfall with both shallow & deep pools, plus monkeys.
  9. Seven Wells Waterfall

    Scenic waterfall with natural pools
    A picturesque waterfall & several natural pools draw visitors to this hiking & swimming spot.
  10. Crocodile Adventureland Langkawi

    Hands-on activities, shows & tours
    Wildlife facility on 20 acres with crocodile & alligator species, plus tours, shows & feedings.
  11. Beras terbakar

    Small site where rice was burned
    Small, fenced-in historical site where rice was burned after a battle with the Siamese army.
  12. Dev's Adventure Tours Sdn. Bhd.

  13. Sunset Dinner Cruise

  14. Datai Bay

    Serene beach in rainforest surrounds
    Tranquil bay & beach known for its calm, clear water, exotic wildlife & lush mountain surrounds.
  15. Langkawi Duck Tours

  16. Tiger! Tiger! Langkawi

    Animal park with up-close tiger views
    Close encounters with tigers in unique enclosures are the draw at this animal park & nature center.
  17. Langkawi Crocodile Farm

  18. Skytrex Adventure Langkawi

  19. Pantai Tengah

  20. Datai Bay

  21. Водопад Семь Колодцев

  22. Pulau Tepor

  23. Upside Down House Langkawi

  24. Pantai Kok Langkawi

    Tranquil beach with scenic views
    Quiet, secluded beach with picturesque views of surrounding mountains & islands.
  25. Upsidow Langkawi


    Water buffalo
  27. Fauna Flora Eco

  28. Langkawi Gliders

  29. Elephant Adventures

    Elephant rides through scenic jungle
    Tropical forest rides on elephants, offering views of monkeys, birds, butterflies & unique foliage.
  30. Kem Bina Negara

  31. Stairs Eagle Thousand Memories

  32. Pantai Tengah

  33. Океанариум

  34. Makam Purba

  35. Makam Mahsuri

  36. Kubang badak mangrove reserve

  37. Datai Bay

  38. Langkawi falls

  39. Look Out Point Langkawi

  40. Bird Malaysia

  41. Langkawi Islands

  42. Kleine Sandbucht / Sand Bay